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There are many writers, photographers, graphic designers, calligraphers, artists, and illustrators. The really good ones have developed their craft to a point where their work is commercially valuable. Many of us at Hope Health got our start and our professional careers established within this creative community. It's our responsibility to make sure these professionals are paid for their contributions to our content and your licensed use of it.

Our job is to protect the property rights of the creative community that serves us, and meet your communication needs in the following 3 ways.

1. Original and Unique: The content produced by Hope Health is done so to meet the unique needs of our clients and their employees and patients. Thus, the articles, photos, videos, and other elements we use have a specific job to do. We require all of our partners to produce content to accomplish the editor's goal of establishing attention, interest, desire, and action. The fair use doctrine guides us in the extent in which sources are used, and in making sure the property rights of others are not violated during the developmental process.

2. Transparent and Fair: All of our employees and contractors that submit creative content to us, do so with a clear understanding of how we plan to use that content in serving our clients. Our intentions for marketing, duplicating, and distributing the content are all discussed up front. Terms for the use of the content are then negotiated and agreed upon. Formal Agreements are in place with all Hope Health employees and partners. All partners are compensated fairly in accordance with industry standards.

3. Quality and Accuracy: Not only must the content be able to compete for and hold a person's attention ─ it must be relevant and accurate. All content, including photography is reviewed for accuracy and evidenced-based practices.

With Hope Health, in addition to communicating effectively with employees and patients, you'll also sleep better knowing that all content is vetted and prepared in the best interest of all the contributors and users.

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