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q What makes Hope Health articles unique?
a Hope Health articles are strategically written to connect with your audience. We have more than 30 years of experience producing easy-to-read health and wellness articles that draw readers into the message and gives them walk-away value they can put to use immediately. Our content will add a special voice to every piece you produce, and make it memorable in your reader's mind. Readers will look forward to receiving your communication pieces because they'll know it is written specifically for them to make a difference in their lives.
q How often are articles reviewed for accuracy?

The hallmark of Hope Health content is its accuracy and timeliness for a consumer audience. On a regular basis, articles are reviewed by a member of our Medical Advisory Board to ensure it has the most up-to-date information. Each article that has been recently updated will have the "Update" symbol attached.

You can read our "Quality Review Procedures" and discover more about our commitment to accurate, easy-to-read content.

q Isn't it cheaper to write my own articles?
a That depends. If writing is your strong suit, your job allows you the freedom to devote the many hours needed for research, writing, proofreading, and review – then yes, it probably is cheaper to write your own. But, if your job requires you to do multiple duties, you struggle with writing or just can't find the time to research, write and pay for expert review, Hope Health content is the smart choice for your communication pieces.
q How often are new articles added to the database?
a New articles are added to the database regularly. You can easily find our newest articles by clicking on "new articles" in the search area. And all new articles will show as the first articles in the listing.
q Can I modify Hope Health content to include some of my own information?
a Yes, you may certainly make any article your own by adding your own content, changing the headline or combining it with other material. However, Hope Health does not take responsibility for any information that is intentionally or unintentionally removed from the article that may change the meaning of the information or make it inaccurate.
q Do I have to source Hope Health if I purchase your articles?
a No, you do not have to source Hope Health in the article. However, if sources are included with the articles, we do encourage they are left intact to ensure the readers know where pertinent facts came from.
q Won't someone recognize the article as something they've seen before?
a Good question, but the chances are slim. Especially given the time, the different format and the custom content you may add. Feel free to use Hope Health content without the fear of someone saying "I've seen this before…"
q Does Hope Health offer any ready-to-use formats, such as newsletters, brochures or calendars?

Yes! If you are short on time and need to have a ready-to-go newsletters, brochures, or calendars, check out our complete product line. No need for you to do the hard work, it's already done for you!

Or, if you are in need of a custom designed piece, we can help you out there, too! Our in-house Creative Team has more than 75 years experience in designing communication pieces that work. Check out our portfolio here.

Whether you purchase our content to use in your own communication pieces, or purchase one of our ready-to-go products, you can be assured your communications will shine and connect with your readers!

q What if an article is not what I expected, can I return it?
a If, after downloading your article, you are not completely satisfied with the content, you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to let us know. Please call us at 800-334-4094, and explain your reason for not wanting the article. You may then select a new article in exchange, or we will credit your account for the price paid towards a future article purchase.

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